Mega Groovy Trunk Parrot Toy

Hours of chewing and foraging fun.

This Mega Groovy Trunk Parrot Toy has a beak busting chunk of coffee tree wood perfect for satisfying the biggest of chewers.

There’s even more wood to chew too, with colourful wood slats and groovy blocks too. Having safe materials to chew on it not only fun for a Parrot, but helps them to keep their ever-growing beak healthy and trim.

Your customer can wedge pieces of favourite foods, treasured treats and most desired materials into the groovy blocks for their Parrot to enjoy finding. With over 100 grooves to use, it’s easy to keep a Parrot foraging for hours.

Foraging for food replicates how a Parrot would search for food in the wild and gives them lots of mental stimulation and helps prevent birdie boredom.

Each ‘branch’ on the Mega Groovy Trunk Parrot Toy has a quick link fitted at the end, your customer can use these to attach them to the cage at multiple points to make it easier for their bird to climb around.

Use the metal quick link provided to quickly and securely fasten this Mega Groovy Trunk Parrot Toy to the Parrot’s cage or play gym stand.

Length 60cm (23.5″)
Width 15cm (6″)
Wood, Metal

Weight 1 kg


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