Food Tumbler Foraging Parrot Toy

This toy challenges Parrots to spin the chamber and make their treats tumble down.

Keep a Parrot’s natural foraging instincts satisfied with this amazing Food Tumbler Foraging Parrot Toy.

Your customer simply adds their Parrot’s favourite food, treats and materials inside and then sit back to watch their Parrot work at solving the puzzle. The clear design allows the Parrot to see their rewards and plan the challenge ahead.

The food tumbler puzzle is solved by spinning the toy around until the food drops down the tube into the bottom section where the bird can receive their prize. Your customer can easily change the level of difficulty of this toy to encourage their Parrot to work a little harder for their treats by adjusting how far the tube is pushed into the tumbler.

The Food Tumbler Foraging Parrot Toy is made from strong, lightweight polycarbonate to ensure it lasts a long time. This also makes it easy to clean, ready for the Parrot’s next meal.

Using this toy at mealtimes instead of a feeding bowl provides Parrots with the mental stimulation their mind requires to stay healthy. Attach this toy to the bird’s cage at mealtimes for instant foraging fun.

Length 19cm (7.5″)
Width 14cm (5.5″)


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