BSP Liquid Multi-Vitamin Drops – 2 sizes

Ensure a bird is in top health with this liquid vitamin supplement.

This broad spectrum multi-vitamin liquid is ideal for routine use in the drinking water of birds. It enables effective supplementation for the pickiest of Parrots.

It contains no sugary flavourings which could encourage bacterial growth in the water.

Contents per ml
ADDITIVES PER KG: Vitamins: Vitamin A 3a672c IU 6,000,000 – Vitamin D3 IU 1,000,000 – Vitamin E 3a700 IU 9,000 – Vitamin C 3a300 mg 10,000 – Niacinamide 3a315 mg 20,000 – Vitamin B2 mg 4,000 – Calcium D-Pantothenate 3a841 mg 12,500 – Vitamin B1 3a821 mg 2,000 – Vitamin B6 3a831 mg 1,000 – Folic acid 3a316 mg 400 – Vitamin K3 3a710 mg 2,000 – Vitamin B12 mg 0.008 – Biotin 3a880 mg 25.
How to Use
Use 1 (one) drop per 100ml of drinking water

100ml, 50ml


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