The Percher – Portable Parrot Training Perch

Make life less stressful for both owner and bird with. A well designed portable training perch that not only protects hands from bites but gathers waste, making the task of cleaning up easy!

The Percher is a versatile product that easily assembles into a hand-held or free-standing training tool. In fact there are seven different ways The Percher can be used to help bird and owner gain in confidence.

A sturdy 5-legged base design and a textured perch keep birds stable and safe. It’s easy to use, simple to clean and is suitable for all types of birds.

Dimensions – Fully Assembled
Height 29cm (11.5″)
Width 20cm (8″)
Depth 20cm (8″)

Dimensions – Perch
Height 7.5cm (3″)
Width 15cm (6″)
Diameter 2.5cm (1″)

Dimensions – Cone
Height 11.4cm (4.5″)
Diameter 20cm (8″)

Dimensions – Handle
Height 19cm (7.5″)
Diameter 3.2cm (1.25″)

Dimensions – Base
Height 8.3cm (3.25″)
Diameter 19cm (7.5″)




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