Soak & Sprout mix22

Soak or sprout seed mix, containing Buckwheat, Pumpkin Seeds, White & Green Peas, Mung Beans, Soya Beans, White & Red Millet, Hempseed, Safflower, Red & White Sorghum/Dari, Maple Peas, Small Sunflower, Canary Seed, Brown Rice, Paddy Rice, Wheat, Vetches, Linseed, Barley, Rapeseed.

Nutritional Values explained
Dry seed contains all the plant’s food stores but has not been
acted upon by the enzymes which make these components easily
metabolised. Young birds in particular do not have a fully-developed
digestive system so cannot obtain the maximum nutritional value in
dry seed.
Soaked seed does not greatly alter the nutritional value of the
seed however it is more easily digested by young birds following
regurgitation by the parents. This replicates the situation in the wild
where birds soften food items in their crop before feeding their
Sprouted seed has a better nutritional value than either dry or soaked
seed. Chemical changes in the sprouted seed means that there is
more available protein and less fat. Starch is converted to simple
sugars, protein to amino acids and oil to fatty acids, all of which are
readily absorbable by the fast-growing chicks. Many aviculturists
report that feeding sprouted seed produces better breeding results
and healthier chicks. As the sprout continues to grow the seed’s
nutrient value becomes exhausted. So the best time to feed is when
the sprouts have first emerged.

Sprouting seed is very easy to master and can be done at home with minimal effort. But the results when sprouted really do speak for themselves (just take a look at chart below)

How to sprout seeds in jar or container


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