For the treatment and prevention of Coccidiosis, Canker and Worms via the drinking water.

Harkers 3 in 1:

  • For oral administration only
  • Mix 6ml in 1 litre of drinking water for 7 days
  • Not to be used during breeding
  • Precautionary worming is advised 3 weeks before the start of breeding.
  • Contains Amprolium hydrochloride, Levamisole hydrochloride and Ronidazole

Key Features: Tried, tested and approved by leading fanciers in the UK. Takes the hassle away from treating Birds with three separate medications.


Harkers 3 in 1 Soluble application: 6ml (one capful) of 3 in 1 Soluble to 1 litre of drinking water each day for 7 days. One bottle sufficient to treat 30 birds. Always make a fresh solution daily. Do not allow the birds to drink from any other source. Should not be used during moul
Active ingredients: Amprolium hydrochloride 3.8% w/v (38mg/ml), Levamisole hydrochloride 1.7% w/v (17mg/ml), Ronidazole 1.2% w/v (12mg/ml).


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