Hand Reared Kakariki

Thinking of adding a kakariki parakeet to your feathered family? Good choice! These delightful New Zealand natives can make fantastic, loving pets. 

Lifespan                                Up to 20 years

Adult Size                           Up to 28cm/11″ & 100 grams

Sounds                                 Low chatter, beeps, honks with ability to talk

These Hand Reared Kakariki are not only a stunning little parrot to look at. They are also great as pets because of their friendly personality. These small parrots are both entertaining and intelligent. It’s a real delight to watch & listen to the almost like laughing chatter of these little clown-like parrots.


Kakarikis aren’t the most popular pet parrots out there, but they’re definitely becoming more common. This species works well for aviaries but having said that they are also great for those who like to have their parrots as part of the family inside the home. They’re just so much fun!

If you add a kakariki to your family, you can count on a bird that’s lively, curious, EASY TO TRAIN and generally friendly (though some of that depends on socialization). Their antics are unfailingly funny and although they’re usually not overly cuddly, you’ll really enjoy having one or more of these parakeets around. You won’t have to worry about your kakariki bonding to a single family member as they’ve got plenty of affection to go around, making them great family pets.


If you want to have a pet parrot, it’s important to keep in mind that all parrots make noise. Having said that Kakariki’s are definitely not the loudest as far as parrots go. Those that have previously got their young off me tend to mention that they like their bird’s regular little chatter, beeps & cackles. Their noises are quite unusual and not really bothersome whatsoever. Can KAKARIKI TALK? Actually, yes! They’re no Amazon parrot or African grey, but kakarikis can learn to imitate some words and noises. With a little patience and a whole lot of repetition, you can absolutely teach yours a few whistles and short phrases.


A good quality SEED MIX as well as SPROUTING MIX should form the basis of the diet, as this is what the species would naturally eat. Treats to feed your Kakariki include MILLET SPRAY, fruits, sweetcorn, carrots & celery. Kakariki love their greens! Kale, rocket, and spinach can be fed daily! They are messy eaters, so make the cage easy to clean with a removable liner. Like most parrots, this species loves FORAGING TOYS! It’s a great way to get your parrot working for its food. Be sure to buy some fun foraging toys as these little Kakariki’s love to forage.


You should always use a secure CAGE with double doors – Kakarikis are known escape artists! The cage must be safe with no hazardous materials, and free of rust

Kakarikis love to bathe, so make sure fresh water is available in their cage at all times, with these little parrots being so very active and energetic, the bigger the cage, the better!



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