Father Christmas Wood and Rope Parrot Toy

A festive friend for the holiday season.

The festive holidays can be a busy time for everyone, with extra jobs to do, people to see and places to go time just seems to disappear. With a Mr Christmas wood and rope toy your customer can be sure that their Parrot has a buddy to keep them company and entertained.

Coloured so the Parrot can feel part of the festivities, Mr Christmas has lots of shaped wood pieces for the bird to chew. His arms and legs have soft cotton rope running through them, which are knotted at the ends to make hands and feet for the Parrot to preen.

A length of bird safe metal chain runs through the centre adding strength to a toy already full of wood pieces. The Parrot is sure to be drawn to the face of Mr Christmas, with knotted sisal rope for a beard which is in good need of a trim. More wood parts make up the eyes and nose, fastened on with knotted poly rope and a wood hat keeping his head warm.

His whiffle ball head is the perfect place for attaching more materials for the bird to chew, pick and preen, and hiding treats, food or materials inside, this will promote the bird to actively forage.

Foraging is one of the best activities for a Parrot to do. It helps to keep the birds body and mind active, helping to prevent boredom.

Length 38cm (15″)
Width 10cm (4″)
Depth 2cm (0.75″
Pine Wood, Cotton, Metal, Plastic, Sisal


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