Coconut Rainbow Parrot Toy

Naturally fun to chew.

This Coconut Rainbow Parrot Toy is made with natural, earth friendly materials a Parrot can enjoy chewing up and preening on.

Providing toys for a Parrot helps to keep them entertained and reduce birdie boredom, which can lead to unwanted behaviours, including feather plucking.

The coconut husk and sisal rope offer hundreds of fibres, perfect for picking, pulling and preening. Providing toys with materials they can preen on, is one way to help prevent unwanted over preening behaviours.

The mix of natural and coloured wood parts fulfil a Parrot’s desire to chew, in turn helping them maintain a healthy and trim beak.

Use the metal quick link provided to quickly and securely fasten this Coconut Rainbow Parrot Toy to the Parrot’s cage or play gym stand.

Length 32cm (12.5″)
Width 21cm (8.25″)
Coconut Husk, Coconut Shell, Sisal, Wood, Metal


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