Rainbow Wooden Parrot Ladder

A great sized ladder for climbing on and chewing up.

Rainbow Wooden Parrot Ladder. Colourful shaped wood blocks and cubes. Perfect for a Parrot to sink their beak into and chew up, helping to keep their beak healthy and in excellent condition.

You can use the metal links provided to securely fasten the ladder to the walls of the Parrot’s cage, or fit it across like a bridge or suspend it from the roof like a swing. There are so many fun ways to utilise this bright and cheerful Rainbow Wooden Ladder.

As the bird climb around the shapes of the wooden pieces help to exercise the Parrot’s feet. An active playtime ensures a Parrot stays happy and healthy.

You can fasten on more materials like rope or leather strips to the ladder, your Parrot can use for more chewing, preening and unravelling fun.




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