Charming Jingle Ball Parrot Toy

A colourful toy that rattle and chimes as a Parrot plays.

This Charming Jingle Ball Parrot Toy is great if your Parrot loves toys that make lots of noise.

The large colourful plastic ball has a smaller ball inside that rattle around.

Attached to the shiny metal chains are colourful charms that a Parrot can get hold of and explore. As the Parrot plays four shiny bells chime away too, for more noise-making fun.

You can use the large jingle ball to hide some of their Parrot’s favourite materials or treats inside. Parrots love using their natural foraging instincts to search for, find and retrieve rewards.

Use the pear link provided to quickly and securely fasten this Charming Jingle Ball to the bird’s cage or play gym stand.


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