Vine Ball Tree Parrot Toy

Colourful chewable materials plus foraging opportunities.

There is loads for pet birds to do with this Vine Ball Tree Parrot Toy. There`s plenty of wood for chewing (including a length of thick wood dowel which makes up the trunk of the tree), knotted natural rope for Parrots to untie, pick, preen and shred to pieces, and an assortment of coloured vine munch balls and wood lolly sticks which have been tied on.

The vine balls hang off the tree trunk and provide the perfect place to hide those tasty treats that your customer’s Parrot is unable to resist, or perhaps advice them to fill them with coco fibres or paper for their bird to retrieve.

Using the pear link this toy can easily and securely be attached to the bars at the side of the cage, or for a slightly more difficult workout suggest hanging it from the roof, so the bird has to climb and hold on whilst the toy swings about causing the metal bell to chime.

Once the bird has finished enjoying all the vine balls, natural rope and lolly sticks your customer can easily rebuild this toy using a number of toy making parts, or even just wedge seeds or nuts into the holes for the bird to try and remove.

Length 23cm (9″)
Width 15cm (6″)
Depth 15cm (6″)
Wood, Natural Rope, Vine, Metal


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